Shame On Hyundai

Shame On Hyundai

Pain you have to go through to get new #Hyundai car.

–Updated 3rd September
Finally after 13 days of expected date of delivery, Hyundai Dealer confirmed. He can deliver vehicle on 7 September with RTO registration, Insurance and Number Plate and he has spend 1 day for insurance, 2-3 days for RTO Registration and 1-2 working day for number plate. However at the time of booking, he told everything. I will do in only three days Sir!, you don’t worry. Worst experience with #Hyundai Dealers on commitment.

–Updated 1st September
On 31 August 2015, one more effort to cheating with customer from Swindler Hyundai Dealers. Since, I20 Elite price got hike by 5000 INR in India. They are asking 5000 INR to me because they did mistake and not booked vehicle on 30 July, 2015 in their system and after 15 minute discussion on phone with Branch manager. He conclude, let me take approval from my head to waive off difference money.

–Updated On 20 August
On 19 August 2015, just one day before delivery date got apology mail from HYUNDAI Customer Care Manager Nilam Gaikwad. Got one call from HYUNDAI Office Pune in that call customer support lady Mrunal Mahajan was asking me to switch colour from white to silver. She mentioned, if I switch colour they can deliver vehicle by 30 August 2015. After getting call and mail, I am still not in a position to trust them. Lets see, when will I get rid of this so called HYUNDAI Dealer.

–Updated on 19 August
On 18 August 2015 morning, I called Chaitanya and asked him to send me a mail. As he was saying, he will deliver vehicle before last week of August 2015. But again he took my words for granted and after waiting whole day. I did not get any mail regarding anything from him yet.

–Updated on 18 August
On 17 August 2015, I went directly to HYUNDAI Showroom from airport since I was depressed due to their behaviour. Manoj Rajhans (HYUNDAI sales manager) was shocked after seeing me in his showroom. He told me, he did some mistake and sold my booked vehicle to somebody else, so he cannot deliver vehicle on 20 august. Then I asked him what mistake he did to which he replied in a rude way, “Let’s not discuss that we should find solution now”. I am not gonna get my vehicle on 20 august 2015 he said, he has got transferred to some other branch of Sanjay HYUNDAI and now he will take care of that branch and he introduced me to Reji Varghese(contact no. 9552545441) and on phone Chaitanya, with whom I had spoken on 14 august, 2015. Manoj Rajhans dialled Chaitanya (new sales manager of Sanjay HYUNDAI Wakdewadi) cell.

–Deal History
On 29 July 2015, I went to Sanjay HYUNDAI Wakdewadi Showroom in Pune, India to check elite i20 sport version. This was the car that I was dreaming about since last 6 months, so somehow I saved money and got courage to take loan for this uncompromised hatchback of HYUNDAI.

When I visited the showroom, Manoj Rajhans sales manager told me, sir you came at the right time since there is price hike of 30,000 INR approx. on elite i20, which is gonna happen from 1st August 2015. So, if you are planning to buy elite you should book it today itself. He gave me a deal like if I gave 1.5 lakh before 31 July, 2015. He will give me a elite i20 white Colour sport version in 7.48 lakh on 20 August, 2015 even though, it is having 30-45 days waiting. His sales executive Manish also pushed. So, I gave them 2.48 lakh and rest 5 lakh, I was planing to take loan.

Till 13 August 2015, they asked for all documents (like my flat rent agreement, my work authorization letter, my police verification report, 2 photographs and my flat electricity bill) for RTO registration in Pune and I have given all documents. Additionally, I did Auto loan agreement before 5 August 2015 cause I would be visiting my parents for one week. So, I planned to take vehicle once, I will come back from home and called my parents to city ride in my new vehicle.

Now on 14 August 2015, I was with my family. I got a call from HYUNDAI sales executive Manish who told me, Sir the car which you have-booked elite i20 sport version white colour at Sanjay HYUNDAI Showroom Pune, that car my manager already sold to somebody else so you have to wait. I was shocked because this is a huge money for me and I had designed so many plans with my family in that car after getting delivery on 20 august 2015. I can’t understand, how a HYUNDAI Sales Manager could do that with anybody. I have respected and trusted HYUNDAI because few of my friends and seniors are also driving vehicle of this brand since long time and they always say HYUNDAI is very good in terms of customer relationship and satisfaction. So, I made several calls to Manoj to verify his sales executive (Manish) words. But, he blocked my number and his sales executive Manish was saying, Ashwin my manager got changed from Manoj to some other person. I directly made a call to Sanjay HYUNDAI Showroom and asked to transfer my call to sales manager of Wakdewadi showroom, Chaitanya replied I am sales manager sir. Please tell me, I told him everything and he asked me to wait for 10 minutes so that he can check information in the system. He also wasted my family time and I called him again after 90 minutes. To this call, he replied. Whatever happened just happened so let’s forget it and I can give you elite i20 white colour sport version before last week of august. Since I did not trust his words, I planned to visit the showroom once I reached Pune.

After discussing with three sales manager of HYUNDAI and getting mentally harassed and tortured by their cunningness, they are not giving the vehicle on 20 august, 2015(their committed date) and still they did not confirm any delivery date to me.

I realized after talking to three of HYUNDAI customer relationship managers, Manoj Rajhans (contact no. 9765408126), Reji Varghese(Contact No. 9552545441) and Chaitanya(Contact No. 9552545443) and one more of their sales executive Manish(Contact No. 9881100207) that they are there to cheat you, not to help you.

Please be aware guys #Hyundai car can get you in real pain. I am getting all this headache because I trusted HYUNDAI and its customer representative words.

Silence is not worth of your presence.

Grow Beyond With My Thoughts #5

An Approach 2 Win Days’

After seeing lot of people in today cooperate world, came to a conclusion. They need to improve up to certain extent where things can get understood easily by everybody. How, will tell you shortly.
One day round the table one issue was going and we spend 30 to 40 minutes to find solution. But few people was so clueless, even after the discussion, cause gathering size was 18 and most of us were not having exact details about issue cause it got high priority from production. Discussing issues with team, is a good idea. But including everybody was not a good idea sometimes, instead if we get relevant 6-8 people in discussion and intimation prior to meeting. Here is your takeaway.

“Good meeting and gossiping is having a difference of conclusion.”

One another day, we got huge appreciation with responsibilities from our partners, few mates did not even turn up in that meeting. Obviously the senior ones, cause that meeting in odd time. But next day, they were the one who was talking more than everybody with their presumption and contradicting everybody who had given their time in that particular meeting on some decisions.
Never ever go with your presumption cause you do not know, what super-ordinate is predicting out of your work and that might not be fruitful for you always. If anything you have to presumed make it clear, like as my assumption. Nobody will come to know until you say.

“Try being informed instead of just opinionated.”

Long back, a day was not so good for one of my mate, he was running out of money. He asked some help and people feel this as the opportunity to show off. They helped him and emotional platform ready for domination. Because of that reason, he got good hike with promotion and the person who helped by his richness, did not get even promotion which was pending long back. Help is a way of treating somebody with respect in their tough times with confidentiality by what you are capable of doing for that person not with capability of show off, learned after April to March appraisal cycle by helper lesson.

“Convincing somebody else by showing off will bring hatred not wisdom.”

You can not have fruit unless you have root.

Grow Beyond With My Thoughts #4

Wanna Have 🙂 Not Sure How ?

People often find themselves depressed and losing confidence which you can easily notices in small interactions with them, it is a aimless pattern of behavior which makes people comfortless because they are not having clear vision “or” goal. Sometimes, they may have goal, but not having plan to achieve that goal’s people also follow the same problem.


Lips Make The Most In Human

Some people having lack sense of boundaries in talks. They can talk very same time about office, home and marital problem’s with the very same audience which you may think as a speaker, you are engaging well. But, technically you are confusing them. Try to find your audience expectation before speaking cause that’s the only way which may get you affection.


Could Have Been

Some people have huge eye on achievement’s and a very less tolerance for delay of gratification. They internally feel, I’m not good enough for any job. Could have been behavior pattern people, just expects everything perfect in their’s life and procrastinates regarding virtually everything it comprises. Origins: Adolescence nourished in between people’s, who are great achievers with enough funds. Wisdom comes through experiences of hard work and it’s not inherited.


Grow Beyond With My Thoughts #3

Always Swinging For The Fence

This behavior pattern known as hit-runner. Which often hear applause before to start something and success of themselves is highly questionable. Not having feet on the ground always think about something big and immediate.This kind of people having elders, who appreciate themselves, because of that they wants to achieve every possible thing by losing minimal comfort.

We find comfort among those who agree with us – growth among those who don’t.

Pessimist Worrier

Highly pessimist behavior, who always focus on negative things/ways. Those people brought up in such an environment where owns achievement have taken for granted. Technically, these people have less ability to take risk in life. in other way,  they carry everything with care and they always afraid of losing something, if they do, what people expects from them to do to have better life.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ship meant for.”

Emotionally Tone Deaf

This behavior says about highly motivated personalities like: guru’s and geeks. They were deaf towards emotions and color blind to surroundings. They don’t know even how to interact with feelings of others. But what they know is, how to aim it and achieve it with defined timelines, that is the quality which hides every bad thing in their personality. These kind of people having more fans than friends and these humans always believe time is precious, invest wisely.

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

Grow Beyond With My Thoughts #2

Avoid Conflicts At Any Cost

Sometime it happens with everybody, when few things keep on happening not as, we expected and we wants to end that as soon as possible. In those situations, people gets angry very easily instead we should act or react very calmly and don’t try to put heat in any conversation or situation. Try to avoid conflicts between different ideas of others otherwise you might have lost good friendship. But yeah the way i do here is, always walk away from that place with smile, if possible or at least try to listen full context with smile.


Rebel Looking For A Cause

It’s kinda behavior, which noticed in revolutionary personalities. These humans sticks attention of others and will chase them until they get noticed. They are very reasoned and moderate in thinking. Origin: this state born in separation of parents in adolescence mostly. Even-though, exception do happens.


Running Roughshod Over The Opposition

It’s about a kind of dominating behavior. Who dominate others and these kind of person looks like prowling on the floor. Origin: highly influenced adult by parents or teachers, who taught – “It is a tough, dog-eat-dog world, every man for himself, and the sooner you learns for fight for what you want, the better” .

If you want peaceful deal with this mindset people, the thing you’ve got to do are, #First: avoid personal relations with them like: Friend, Lunch mates or coffee partner’s,  #Second: do not engage them by giving any help, if it is not highly required. #Last: whenever you are sharing talks or ideas, try to be technical as more as possible at-least with them and try to avoid their interruption’s otherwise, you may lose your credit as well. They will respect you and will not come to your way. If you show to them, you are up to fighting too either.


Grow Beyond With My Thoughts!

Never Feeling Good

People often experiences different situations where they compare themselves with other colleague or mates and they found, i do not belong to this place because, i do better than my mates. But, my teacher or manager do not appreciate. Then they give thought about future and feels depression which gets them temporary insomnia. We just required to have little motivation and courage in that time.

Observe life from both perspectives as few legends did like Einstein. Set your goals and get them before it becomes worthless to you. If you feel that your performance does not match to your potential, you need immediate change.


Seeing The World In Black and White

This is one of the behavior pattern where people, keep on judging each other. Technically, we should not judge anybody. Because, anybody can have different opinions to the very same situation with different people or in different time’s which you would not be able to see through black and white viewpoint. To understand  the context of matter accurately, all we need to do is give sometime and show faith with respect. It’s quite strange but true 50% of the thing people do not understand because of their limited knowledge and experience.


Doing Too Much, Pushing Too Hard

Pushing too hard yourself to accomplish goals, really required ??? Yes, it is. But does not mean you will not celebrate small accomplishment. Victory means life which you lives everyday, your way. So celebrate with others and yourself your small things. It will improves the mindset to stay focused. This state of life people experiences, when they pushing hard to achieve targets, the one who passed, carries heroic nature. They are not aware of limit/boundaries of his own self.